Amido Releases Seline HD, an iPad Musical Instrument

Amido announced Monday the release of Seline HD, an app that turns your iPad into a musical instrument. The app uses a playing surface called ioGrid designed with the iPad in mind, and the sound engine has the ability to modify sounds on the fly.

Seline HD has 20 built-in factory voices (flutes, bowed strings, reeds, synth leads and more) and 9 drone voices. The drone voices are produced on the fly in to match the melodic lines played by the player.

The app can also record your creations, including the ability to overdub for multiple layers, and it includes two effects, grand stereo reverb and dub delay.

In the promo video below, The iPad Orchestra demonstrates the app in a live performance.

The app is priced at US$5.99, and is available now.

Seline HD Demonstration Video