AmpliTube for iPad Hits App Store

IK Multimedia released AmpliTube for iPad Thursday. Like the iPhone version, AmpliTube for iPad offers a total of 23 amps, cabinets, microphones, and effects, but the interface has been designed to take advantage of the iPad’s screen real estate. The result allows you to turn your iPad into a virtual van full of guitar or bass sounds.

According to the company, there are up to 5 amp models to choose from (clean, crunch, lead, metal, bass) that offer full tonal and drive controls, 11 stompbox effects (delay, flanger, phaser, overdrive, distortion, filter, wah, fuzz, octaver, chorus and noise filter), 5 cabinets (1x12”, 2x12”, 4x12” A & B, 1x15”) and 2 microphones (dynamic and condenser). All rigs can be easily organized/recalled on the fly with the available 36 presets.

The software also includes a tuner, a metronome, and a backing track player for you to play along with. The backing track player also lets you set loop points for repeated practicing of specific passages.

Other features:

  • Real time guitar and bass mobile multi-FX app
  • Full rig made by 4 simultaneous stompboxes + amp + cabinet + mic
  • 11 Stomps, 5 Amps, 5 Cabinets, 2 Mics available
  • Import and play along with songs and backing tracks with real time effects
  • 36 presets can be saved/recalled on the fly
  • Includes tuner/metronome
  • Free and Full versions available
  • Free version is expandable with downloadable gear a-la-carte

AmpliTube for iPad is priced at US$19.99 (€15.99) at the App Store, and it is available now. There is also a free version that includes one amp and speaker combo, three effects, and two mics. Both versions allow you to make in-app purchases.

The app also supports IK Multimedia’s iRig, an audio interface that allows you to plug your guitar or bass into your iPad or iPhone. iRig is priced at $39.99.

AmpliTube for iPad Screenshot

AmpliTube for iPad screenshot