An Open Letter to Phil Schiller about iPhones, iPads, and Macs

Dear Mr. Schiller,

I'm sorry, but you are wrong. On Thursday you tweeted the following three messages:

I can only imagine this is some kind of delayed April Fool's prank, because your position is not only illogical, it violates Apple's own usage and the usage of Apple's own execs—including you—who chose to think logically when they said things like this (as noted by a MacRumors reader):

Note that you yourself did not say "iPad devices in the dugout," while Mr. Cook did not say, "Enjoy your new iPhone smartphones!" Apple's own press releases refer to Macs and iPhones, as well. And we've all heard "iPads," "iPhones," and "Macs" in keynote events throughout the years.

Mr. Schiller, it was also pointed out at MacRumors in the aftermath of Pluralgate that you favorited this tweet from one Joseph Rooks.

But that doesn't cut it for me. Your initial argument was not just that one need not pluralize Apple devices, but that one could also use those names as a plural. I argue that I do not own two iPad or two Mac. I would further argue that no one has ever owned multiple Mac or iPhone. Because that's just silly.

With all due respect, of course, because you're kind of the bee's knees.

Even if there is some inner Apple bylaw declaring that Apple product names can be plural or singular, you lost control of this particular issue decades ago. Talk to Kleenex and Xerox about this topic if you have any questions.

In the meanwhile, I proudly own two Macs, two iPads, and my current iPhone is merely one of many iPhones I have owned throughout the years.

Sincerely yours,

Bryan Chaffin