Analyst: AAPL Heading To $1,650 in 2015

Apple's stock set to hit $1,650 in 2015Apple has a dominant lead in the mobile device world with its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch ecosystem, and that's going to help push the company's stock up to US$1,650 in 2015, according to Ironfire Capital founder and analyst Eric Jackson.

Google will do well in the mobile market, although Apple has already won over consumers and their money. "Apple's already won to this point, hands down," Mr. Jackson said, according to Yahoo! Finance.

"By 2015, I see Apple going to $1,650." he added. "This train is just getting out of the station."

Apple has been on an upward trend for years and closed up over $700 for the first time earlier this week.

Ultimately, Mr. Jackson sees Google helping drive Apple's stock higher thanks to competition pushing both companies to build better and even more innovative products.

"Google's given them a run more than anyone else and sort of scared the bejeezus out of Apple; which I think is a good thing long term for Apple and Apple shareholders," he said.

Apple is currently trading at $698.14, down 3.96 (0.56%).