Analyst: Apple Watch Shipments Hit 7M, Tromp the Competition

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Apple isn't saying how many Apple Watches have been sold—or at least shipped—so far, but Canalys analyst Daniel Matte thinks he's figured it out: 7 million. If he's right, Apple has jumped past all other smartwatch makers combined.

Apple Watch shipments may have hit 7 million units alreadyApple Watch shipments may have hit 7 million units already

The company's smartwatch sales leave Samsung and Pebble in the dust, and sets a high bar for other watch makers planning on getting into the market. Mr. Matte told investors, "After experiencing significant supply chain constraints early on, Apple managed to overcome its production struggles with the Apple Watch and is building momentum going into [the holiday shopping season]."

As Apple adds more countries for Apple Watch sales, those shipments are increasing, too.

Mr. Matte is tossing around some impressive numbers, but they need to be tempered with a little more information to put them in perspective. First, he's talking about watches shipped, not watches sold. Assuming demand is high enough, those could be close to the same, but we can't say for sure since demand isn't outstripping supply any more.

Second, Apple hasn't given us any hints as to how many watches it shipped or sold. So far, all we really know is that Apple Watch sales are exceeding the company's expectations. That doesn't do much to help narrow down exactly how many have been sold.

Analyst estimates are all over the board with some putting the number at a couple million while others are saying 6 million. With Mr. Matte tossing around his 7 million figure, it's pretty clear analysts don't really know how many watches Apple is moving.

What they all do agree on is that the number is in the millions and not thousands, which still puts Apple Watch figures well above the competition.

[Thanks to The Register for the heads up]

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We don't really know how many Apple Watches have shipped or sold, but analyst's channel checks put those figures in the millions. Regardless of Apple's actual numbers, it looks like they're taking the market and leaving the other smartwatch makers in the dust.

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That’s very impressive, even if the number is only on the low “several million” range. This is starting to remind me of the early days of the iPhone.


  Why don’t they say Apple sold a billion Watches? As long as Apple doesn’t release figures including “shipped”, this is all nonsense. The only thing real is that Apple is obviously ashamed of the dismal sales otherwise what’s the logic to stockholders and other Apple fans by refusing to disclose sales?
  Meanwhile the 85% of the worldwide mobile mkt that is Android keeps gaining more share. (courtesy of ABC news last night). Thank goodness Job’s Ketchup phone is still around to pay the bills. Why Ketchup? Because they release one every year to “catch up” to the feature set and specs of the competition. Maybe the Ketchup Pad with the Surface keyboard will do well.

Paul Goodwin

CudaBoy: market share growth via cheaper phones at slim margins is not winning. Apple makes over 90% of the smartphone industry profit. Why? Because it’s a better product when you consider all aspects of the hardware and software design. Specs don’t get you a better product, they just get you the potential for a great product. Some Android phones are fine products, and most aren’t. Apple’s dominance of profit share clearly shows which product is superior. 250-300 million people are voting with their wallets per year. They haven’t been drugged; they’re not confused. They recognize the overall product quality and experience. When you talk market share and hardware specs, it’s clear that you’re the one that’s been duped.


But is not market share albeit of a certain amount of “crap” a kind of winning? Think Corn Flakes. The best ‘droid stuff by Samsung and Google is so close with cool features that favor either and both, imo.  I believe Android based on Linux is just the better philosophy so to speak and just keeps adding things that iOS just doesn’t think of - especially the contextual conversational bits that must drive Siri’s coders nuts. I see it now as Ford v Chevy or in my case anybody vs. Mopar. The imaging in the iPhone is still stout though. All pixels aren’t created equal and Apple has a very good sensor Q.


Disclaimer: I poke at Apple because I love them - or used to, I have such old strings with them I can’t bitch. You talk about profit margin v innovation or saturation but both Samsung and Doodle - I’m sorry Google will never have to worry about that problem as they are both larger than a lot of 3rd world countries in GNP. So let’s say they are all in the same sandbox - but one group’s OS has 85% of the mobile market share and can spin on a dime as opposed to Apple; and I’m not supposed to be a crotchety old man?  I likes my APPL but sheeple grow up, and now a car?
Da Horrah!!!!!!!

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