Analyst McCourt Sees iPhone Share of U.S. Market Stabilizing at 50 Percent

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Raymond James Financial Advisor's Analyst Travis McCourt in a recent assessment of the U.S. smartphone market reported that the iPhone's share looks to be stabilizing at about 50 percent. He also thinks the game is just about over for Nokia's Lumina and BlackBerry with 3.4 and 1.5 percent U.S. market share respectively.

Mr. McCourt conducted a survey of 500 people in the U.S. from March 13 to 17. He wrote:

The percent of survey respondents who owned iPhones declined q/q [quarter over quarter] to 52.3% from a high of 56% in December, but was up from 49.4% a year ago. iPhone share likely to continue to be stable: 49.7% of respondents intend to purchase an iPhone for their next smartphone, which is at the low end of the 50% to 55% range witnessed in our survey since we began in June 2012. Meanwhile, Android saw its highest level of purchase intent at 44.4%, above the consistent range of 38% to 42% since the survey began. The survey indicates still little to no interest in Blackberry or Windows Phones.

He also noted that Samsung continues make market share gains in the Android market and to consolidate its position there. While Android, overall, might make slight market share gains in the near future, he expects the situation stabilize with respect to the iPhone.

Meanwhile, McCourt's prognosis for the number three and four smartphone makers is dire. Only 2.9 percent of those surveyed intend to purchase Windows Phone while 0.8 percent have a BlackBerry mind. Worse, those numbers have been steadily declining since September, 2013.

For Apple to be in a strong second place in the U.S. and generating most of the smartphone profits in the industry is not a bad place to be and reminds us how far Apple has come since its initial foray into the market in 2007. For example, it's estimated that at some point in the current quarter, Apple sold its 500 millionth iPhone.

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Three years ago I said BlackBerry would be gone in 5 years.
I see no reason to change that prediction. BB gone in two..

Did read a very funny article last week though. It said that while President Obama wanted to keep his BB, overall the white house was evaluating other platforms in order to standardize on one for the future. Specifically they were looking at the security of Android.

OK I understand that Android would let them customize the system to add significant security, but still the idea of Android and National Security in the same sentence cracked me up.


For Apple to be in a strong second place in the U.S…

John, I don’t understand this comment.  If Apple stabilizes at 50% then everyone else will be the other 50%.  Doesn’t this mean that Apple is in a strong first place in the US?  What am I missing?


John Martellaro

RonMacGuy: I think the gist of the article I linked to was that while Apple is in second place now, in the future, with BBRY and NOK out of the running, Android and iOS will eventually settle into a 50-50 split.

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