Analyst: NFC Coming to iPhone 6 for iWallet

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Apple's next generation iPhone will include a digital wallet feature called iWallet, and it'll use NFC (near field communication) to wirelessly complete transactions. That's what Sterne Agee analyst Vijay Rakesh thinks, and he's basing that on recent Apple patent filings.

Stern Agee thinks the iPhone 6 will include an NFC-based digital walletStern Agee thinks the iPhone 6 will include an NFC-based digital wallet

In a note to investors, Mr. Rakesh said,

We believe Apple just filed a patent showing its iWallet system using NFC, and a secure element... While there has been optimism that the iPhone6 could have NFC, this is another filing that shows a handset with NFC with a key secure element and the Apple iWallet payment system.

Rumors saying NFC is coming to the next iPhone have been circulating for some time and so far haven't panned out. Apple has consistently stayed away from the technology, and despite the ongoing belief from analysts that next time it's really going to happen, every iPhone model so far has been NFC-free.

The idea that the iPhone6 will include NFC is even harder to swallow considering the investment Apple has made in its iBeacon technology. iBeacon uses low energy Bluetooth to link to smartphones, and coupled with Passbook and TouchID could serve as a digital wallet without the limitations that come with incompatible NFC systems.

Regardless of the technology Apple uses, the pieces are all falling in place for a digital wallet system on the iPhone, and that could be a feature in iOS 8, which is expected to ship this fall.

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NFC doesn't seem like a technology Apple is going to adopt considering the push it is giving iBeacon. Assuming Apple is working on a digital wallet system, it'll more likely be built on Passbook, iBeacon, and TouchID.

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He’s queueing up as a contributor to ADKC (Analyst Dumb Kluck Counter).


What drone said NFC was dead?  I called this weeks ago. The patent is for NFC sensors - whatever iBeacon is, it ain’t.

Paul Goodwin

Plenty of companies patent things that they never take to production. NFC will not be on an Apple product any time soon. They have a superior system in iBeacon. As Apple has said in the past, NFC is a solution waiting for a problem.


Sammy is coming out with its own Touch ID:

Touching finger to sensor a voice comes on and says,
“Yes, it’s me. This transaction is good one.”

Frank Viljoen

Following a recent article on Apple Patent combining NFC, bluetooth and wifi, ‘A “secure enclave”, believed to employ the same technology used in NFC secure elements and “chip and pin” smart cards, is already included in Apple’s iPhone 5S’ it appears that NFC in Apple IS being developed and in some cases already apparent. It is possible that the iPhone6 could have NFC capabilities even if only to activate the Bluetooth function for payment?

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