Analyst: Apple Music Event May Include Apple TV

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Apple's invitation for its September 9 media event hints heavily at new iPod announcements, but Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster thinks the company may surprise everyone with new Apple TV announcements, too.

Part of Mr. Munster's reasoning for an Apple TV announcement comes from the fact that the 40B model is currently showing a 1-2 week delivery time from Apple's online store. Mr. Munster called the delay "puzzling ahead of next week's event."

He also noted "A new model is possible given the hardware has been the same for 2-plus years."

If so, Apple may be planning to phase out the 40GB Apple TV, keep the 160GB model, and add a new product to its lineup.

Apple sent out media invitations earlier this week for its iPod-themed "It's Only Rock and Roll" press event scheduled for September 9. Apple has announced new iPods at similar events in the past, and it's generally assumed the company will do the same next week.

Be sure to check in with The Mac Observer on September 9 for our event coverage.

[Thanks to The Loop for the heads up.]

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I know it’s anathema to their iTunes business model, but a slightly larger enclosure with CableCARD M-Card support for DVR would be the bee’s knees.

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