Analyst: Apple's iTablet to Use Verizon 3G Network, Others

Apple's as-yet unannounced tablet device, or iTablet as it is sometimes called, will use Verizon's 3G network to connect to the Internet when not on a WiFi network, according to Broadpoint AmTech analyst Brian Marshall. The analyst told The Mac Observer that he believes Apple's, "tablet will have both WiFi and wireless connectivity and will be available at multiple wireless carriers, including Verizon."

Mr. Marshall also told ComputerWorld that unlike some analysts and in contrast to some news reports, he is convinced the device will have 3G connectivity, as opposed to being limited to WiFi. His assessment is based in part to unnamed sources familiar with the device.

Concurring with scattered news reports over the last few months, he said that content will be key for Apple, and the device will be an Ebook reader, a TV viewer, "and more."

If Apple offers the device through multiple carriers for 3G data, it would be a departure from the strategy the company has heretofore employed for the iPhone, which is limited to one carrier in most markets around the globe. A partnership with Verizon would dovetail nicely with reports over the last six months that Apple and Verizon were in negotiations for an iPhone deal, with the tablet subbing out for the iPhone.