Analyst: CDMA iPhone 4 Due Early 2011

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Apple’s fabled CDMA-based iPhone 4 is set to go into production in December, and will hit store shelves in early 2011, according to Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Jeffry Fidacaro. He also claimed his parts supplier contacts indicate some three million iPhone 4 units will be built before the end of 2010.

Mr. Fidacaro’s predictions fall in line with other rumors and expectations that Apple is working on building a CDMA version of its iPhone 4 for Verizon’s cell network. Apple’s current iPhone lineup supports only GSM-based networks, which leaves Verizon out in the cold.

Apple isn’t, however, confirming that CDMA-compatible iPhone models are on the way — or that it is even working on expanding beyond GSM.

Despite Apple’s lack of a CDMA iPhone model, sales of the combination iPod and smartphone don’t seem to be suffering. Mr. Fidacaro expects Apple will sell about 11.6 million iPhones during its fourth fiscal quarter.

The white iPhone 4, which still hasn’t materialized, will likely continue to be delayed. “Our checks show that Apple is still struggling with yields on the mass production of the white iPhone 4,” he said.

Mr. Fidacaro is projecting Apple will ship 4.75 million iPads during the fourth quarter, bringing the company’s total up to 13.4 million for calendar year 2010. iPod sales will likely hit 12 million, and he’s predicting Apple will sell over three million MacBooks for the quarter.

Mr. Fidacaro is maintaining his “Postitive” rating and US$365 target price for Apple’s stock. Apple is currently trading in the after-hours market at $287.81, up 0.06 (0.02%), and closed Wednesday at $287.75.

[Thanks to Apple Insider for the heads up.]

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Yeah Yeah Yeah heard this a THOUSAND TIMES before.  Won’t believe it till I see it.  I made the mistake last year of waiting to upgrade my Verizon Blackberry and the Verizon IPhone never showed up.  Honestly the DROID phones are more appealing now anyway.  I am due for an upgrade in November and it will be a DROID phone. Screw Apple!

Lee Dronick

Honestly the DROID phones are more appealing now anyway.? I am due for an upgrade in November and it will be a DROID phone.

That warm feeling only lasts for a short time.


DROID phones are more appealing now anyway.? I am due for an upgrade in November and it will be a DROID phone. Screw Apple!

DROID exists because of the iPhone…. Apple invented the iPhone….  so screw Apple…

Good choice dude… you deserve the DROID.

Ross Edwards

Again, if they wait not a whole lot longer, they can just build an LTE iPhone that will work on both Verizon and ATT.  Earlier in 2010 was the time to strike.  A CDMA iPhone after that is essentially pointless, like introducing a killer new accessory this holiday season for the Playstation 2.

iPhone/Android User

DROID exists because of the iPhone?. Apple invented the iPhone?.  so screw Apple?

I love Droid too, but that was kind of a backward way to support Droid.  Apple is the shiznit.  There were the ones to first come out with a smartphone better than anyone.

Thank god there is competition now to keep Apple in check, though. 

I’ve used both Android and iPhone and until the Android has better batteries and faster processors (they are close), the iphone will rule.

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