Analyst: Content Lining Up for iPad Launch

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Apple’s iPad multimedia tablet goes on sale on Saturday, April 3, and Broadpoint AmTech analyst Bryan Marshall thinks enough content is already available for the device to account for a healthy recurring revenue stream.

“The true genius of the device is its media/content aspects,” Mr. Marshall said. “The key question now becomes what to purchase for the iPad.” 

Mr. Marshall expects that when the iPad launches this Saturday, most titles from the major book publishers will be available, along with a growing list of magazines and newspapers from publishers such as Condé Nast and Time. Apple’s iTunes Store already offers over 12 million songs that are iPad compatible, over 8,500 movies and 55,000 TV shows, and over 150,000 apps at the company’s App Store, too.

With a growing number of publications and apps that can generate recurring revenue, Mr. Marshall expects Apple will have yet another revenue stream to help draw in even more cash to help boost the company’s bottom line.

The iPad is Apple’s new tablet device that runs iPhone OS. It includes a 9.7-inch multi-touch display, runs most iPhone applications, includes an ebook reader app and online store, supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and some models offer 3G wireless data access, too. iPad pricing starts at US$499 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model.

Mr. Marshall is maintaining his “Buy” rating and $280 target price for Apple’s stock. Apple is currently trading at $237.33, up 2.33 (0.99%).

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seriously who cares anymore. The lack of flash support and their reasoning that HTML5 is flash’s “replacement” is a joke. There are hundreds of sites out their that are designed in flash. Apple is practically giving web designers an alternative. Design for us, or don’t get our viewers. Only reason Safari has flash support is because their are 4 other better, free browsers out their.

And fanboy’s! I am a Macbook pro and iPhone users, but iPad is a joke. And I laugh at everyone who wastes money on it.


To see our film GETTY and HITLER
on this awesome machine from the future will be so excellent!


If your gonna be one who uses the term fanboy as an insult, be ready to get blasted with insults. Because that was pretty snarky.

Apparently a WHOLE lot of people, very smart, very rich, and very productive people, seem to disagree with your point of view. Which is why the broadcast networks are lining up to provide content for the iPad. Which is why for all intensive purposes, they are SOLD OUT as of this moment even before they go on sale. Initial estimates of 150 to 200 thousand now are being revised to closer to 2 million.

Good people at educational institutions, hospitals, publishing companies, and many other businesses also see the major potential of this device. They think beyond what they see today. And given the USB interface that IS there via the dock connector, whole new worlds will open up.

For example, plug in a USB ProScope to the iPad and you have a field forensic device for investigators. Or auto mechanics. Or doctors and dentists. All it will take is an approved app. And with iPhone OS 4 coming that allows multitasking, that whole criticism will be laid to rest. It seems that battery issues have been worked out to finally give us that for our iPhones too.

Teachers realize what this new device may be able to do for them. As do a lot of very smart, very educated professionals. A portable 1 lb video screen that by the way, runs apps.

And Flash is the one that’s dying. I’ve lived without it for years now as a communications professional with 19 years at my job at a university. It’s just not that big a deal. Which is obvious because of the 40 million + iPhones and iPod Touches that don’t use it. Big whoop on Flash. Even YouTube is converting to HTML5. So I guess the joke is on, oh, people who don’t evolve.
As for the hundreds of sites that use it, they will evolve. As all websites do. Or they fold.

It’s a big boat. There’s still time for you to get on board. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to buy it. But since you haven’t seen one yet, is it really wise to hurl that kind of vitriol against it? If you don’t like it after Saturday, post away.

But leave the insults out of the mix.


Don’t Feed the Trolls


Flash not only is dying, it is far and away the number one reason for most computer and browser crashes. I’m glad Apple has decided not to support it. Every-time I see that little red “X” on a webpage on my iPhone, I know it’s a crappy memory hogging, crash inducing, stupid animation that Apple saved me from having to deal with.

With two million products soon to be in the hands of consumers and millions more on their way, websites will need to re-program their websites to use standard HTML instead of forcing consumers to download additional programs to view webpages correctly. As I recall, that was the whole intent of the internet and WWW standards. It seems everyone (except Apple) has forgotten that goal.


Funny Matt how you are an iPhone user and you discount the iPad as crap due to lack of Flash support.  You do realize your iPhone doesn’t support it as well?


I am a Macbook pro and iPhone users, but iPad is a joke. And I laugh at everyone who wastes money on it.

Gosh, Matt, I’m hurt. You’re laughing at me? And I thought that I had your respect. And don’t listen to the rest - you hardly sound like a troll at all. The medication is obviously working.


People bashing the iPad for not supporting Flash will get their heads spun around several times over by the speed at which websites convert to iPad compatibility.  There is no religion in web standards and protocols.  The only religion is money and the websites will go where the money is.  The Apple-buying demographic is a free spending lot and site operators would be foolish to turn their backs on them.


Yeah, I guess the iPad will be a dud…now that Netflix has released their free app for it two days before it even reaches customers hands.

So much for
  “And fanboy?s! I am a Macbook pro and iPhone users, but iPad is a joke. And I laugh at everyone who wastes money on it.”

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