Analyst: FaceTime-ready iPod touch on the Way

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Apple will be hosting a special media event on September 1, and UBS analyst Maynard Um thinks the company will use the event to introduce a FaceTime-ready version of the iPod touch.

“Steve Jobs mentioned during the iPhone 4 event in June that Apple would ship tens of millions of FaceTime ‘devices’ this calendar year, and we feel that this could lead to the addition of cameras to the iPod touch to enable FaceTime (video chat) as well as a higher resolution display,” Mr. Um said.

FaceTime is the video call feature Apple introduced with iOS 4 and the iPhone 4. The feature takes advantage of the iPhone 4’s front-facing camera, which means the iPod touch will likely get a front-facing camera as well.

Mr. Um expects Apple will refresh the rest of the iPod lineup, which doesn’t seem like much of a stretch considering the company has rolled out updated iPods around September for the past several years.

This year’s media event will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Other than Apple’s track record for releasing new iPods around now, the only hint that the event will be music related is an image of a guitar on the invitations sent out to the media.

Mr. Um is maintaining his “Buy” rating and US$340 target price for Apple’s stock. Apple is currently trading in the pre-market at $244.81, up 1.92 (0.79%).

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Lee Dronick

If there is a FaceTime iPod Touch in the works then it probably means that it is also coming to Macs and Macbooks. My thinking on this is that there is no phone in the iPod Touch so can’t use that system. They will probably use iChat, or something new along that line to FaceTime.

Constable Odo

If this FaceTime-equipped Touch doesn’t boost video chat, then nothing will.  It just seems like it could be such an easy-to-use social contact tool.  Apple will likely sell millions of them so there’d always be somebody you could contact for social interaction if you’re into that sort of thing.  Maybe I’m making too big a thing out of it, but I doubt if Apple would be doing it if there wasn’t some sort of incentive.  Hopefully FaceTime will spread further than just Apple products.


Not to throw cold water on this,
Until Skype and FaceTime can talk to each other FaceTime will be limited.
Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of FaceTime on an iPT. I want it on my MacBook too. But unless it can talk to Skype, and run on Android Phones and Windows desktops it’s not going to take over the world. I know probably a hundred Skype users. I do not know anyone that’s used FaceTime EVEN THOSE WITH iPHONES. They use Skype

I hope that changes over the next year.

John Martellaro

I use FaceTime fairly frequently.  It’s a joy.


Oh I don’t doubt that. It looks like it will be a blast.

One question: Have you used the Skype App? How does it compare to FaceTime.

John Martellaro

Skype on the Mac is nice because you don’t have to hold the phone out in front. One has to be careful holding the iPhone 4 so the other person isn’t, say, looking up your nose. So there’s some positioning that has to be learned. A cradle on the desk may not have the desired angle because you’re looking down. I like to hold the iP4 high when I use FT, and that’s tiresome.

Also, with Skype the pic is a lot bigger and the iSight in the MBP lid is farther away and doesn’t seem to need as much positional adjustment.

Both have their modest fair share of lockups.  Not often.  I think I would use Skype on a daily basis, but when our friend in Atlanta called, FaceTIme, on his iPhone, I was able to take the iP4 into the other room and give it to my wife. We sat on the couch and shared/alternated the FaceTIme call. Not so easy with a MBP, landlocked in my office with all it’s connected wires.

Each has some advantages.


We use Skype on our Macs quite a bit and it does work well.

I thought there was a Skype App for the iPhone. I was wondering how that compared to FaceTime.

John Martellaro

Oops.  I don’t think Skype for iPhone does video.  Just audio and chats. I could be wrong.


You are correct. I just checked the AppStore and iSkype for the iPhone only does voice and IM. I did not know that.


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