Analyst: iMac Will be 25% of Global Desktop PC Sales Growth in 2010

Analyst Robert Cihra of Caris & Company on Wednesday issued a research note in which he said that not only will desktop PC sales finally shrug off two years of doldrums this year and eke out three percent growth compared to 2009, but Apple’s iMac will fuel 25 percent of that sales increase.

According to AppleInsider, Mr. Cihra wrote: “We continue to model note/netbook accounting for greater than 90% of PC unit growth in 2010, but with desktops at least now looking like they’ve stopped eroding and can resume at least some low single-digit recovery after 2 years of decline, driven by emerging markets, corporate workhorse use and power gamers. But believe it or not, we estimate Apple’s iMac accounting for a full 1/4 of ALL desktop market growth in calendar year 2010.”

However, western Europe and Japan, among other foreign markets, will do more to fuel that growth than the United States, accounting for approximately 70 percent of it. That would be the first time international markets made up more than 50 percent of desktop PC sales growth, according to Mr. Cihra.

This news comes on the heels of recent NPD data showing that Apple’s entire line of computers is experiencing torrid year-over-year sales growth that is far outpacing the rest of the industry. Mr. Cihra believes Mac sales will grow at 1.6 times the industry average this year. He reiterated his Buy rating on Apple’s stock, which at 1:00 PM EST on Wednesday was selling for US$225.85, up $1.40 or 0.62 percent for the day.