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Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference last week was packed with iPhone, iPad and Mac developers, so Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster asked several which platforms they code for. All of the developers he surveys said the developed iPhone apps, but less than ten percent said they also code for OS X.

Coders like iOSCoders favor iOS over OS X

Of the 45 developers surveyed, all said they wrote iPhone and iPod touch apps, and 93 percent said they also coded for the iPad, according to Fortune. Only 7 percent said the also wrote Mac apps, down from 50 percent in 2008.

47 percent of those surveyed said they also build apps for Google’s Android OS platform, 36 percent also code for RIM’s BlackBerry, 13 percent code for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, and 7 percent are coding for HP’s WebOS.

While developers may code for multiple platforms, they don’t seem to place them all on equal footing. All of the respondents said that Apple’s iOS is the easiest to develop for and offers the best monetization potential. 51 percent also said that iOS has the best potential for growth.

Apple hosts its World Wide Developers Conference every spring in San Francisco. The event gives iOS and OS X developers early access to upcoming OS releases as well as face time with Apple’s own engineers.

Mr. Munster’s survey results show developer interest in iOS is hight, but shouldn’t be seen as a sign that they aren’t going to be producing any more Mac apps. The study included 45 developers out of the more than 5,000 at the event, and the Mac’s growing popularity means plenty of coders will still be interested in the platform.

Apple is currently trading at US$327.42, up 0.40 (0.12%).

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C’mon… Why is this even worthy of a mention on TMO? It would make a lot more sense if the headline read “Analyst needs to pull his head out of his ass, If he thinks that the results of poling just forty-effing-five developer, out of a pool of thousands, results in meaningful data”.

Yeah, OK, that’s a bit long for a headline, but it’s not misleading, like the current headline is. A lot of people will read just that headline, which is all over the Mac web, this morning, and get a very inaccurate perception of the situation. How about just adding the word ‘Clueless’ to the beginning of the headline. That might suffice.

Are you kidding me?

Mr. Munster?s survey is completely meaningless and invalid.  It’s kinda the scientific data that you would expect to collect at a cocktail party or fraternity toga bash.


It seems simple to me… IOS is hot, it monetizes. Mac is stable, safe and prestigious. The hottie velopers are drawn to the IOS factor and the long term velopers are going to Mac but cooling their heels till Lion is released. Ask the same folk next year, the numbers will change. And as far as Android is concerned, they just don’t get the “buy” clicks that IOS does, therefore there will be less brand/OS loyalty. I am waiting for the two year contracts of Android users expires and see who then jumps ship???? I believe the wave will be coming to IOS phones. IMveryHO.


Another key question that this ‘survey’ overlooks. How many of the developers polled actually develop for anything other than mobile device OSs? I’m betting that many developers, that weren’t doing any Mac or PC development as their day job, only started doing full-time development when they saw the massive pool of potential customers and the relative ease of building then publishing those apps. Then, of course, many also started porting their apps to Android, to address an even greater pool of potential customers.

With the numbers of handsets on the market greatly outnumbering Macs, and the rate at which the growth of the mobile devices market is outpacing the growth of the PC market (yes, even the substantially greater growth of the Mac market), there can be no doubt that more devs are going to be more focussed the mobile device market.

In other words, not only was this ‘survey’ totally pointless in scope, but even if the results did accurately portray the greater population of developers, the results shouldn’t be any surprise to anybody.

My advice to Gene Munster:
1) Poll at least 1,000 people, and get back to us this those results.
2) Ask those polled whether they develop for any desktop OS.
3) Finally, ask developers why they choose whether or not to develop for the Mac and/or any other desktop OS.

If he does all of that, then maybe the results will mean something.


Developers, take a look at what STOCKHOLDERS think of Apple….

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