Analyst: iPhone 5 Coming in June at WWDC

Apple may be planning on introducing the iPhone5 during its annual World Wide Developer Conference this year, according to Daiwa Securities. The firm goes on to say that Apple will host the event in June even though an official announcement hasn’t been made yet.

iPhone 5 in June? Maybe.Apparently the new iPhone model will use glass-to-glass touch panel technology — another detail that Apple hasn’t shared. If so, the new touch panels will probably come from TPK Holding and Wintek.

Apple last updated its smartphone with the release of the iPhone 4S in October, which was out of cycle with previous launches. Introducing a new model in June would make the iPhone 4S only about eight months old when it gets replaced and previous iPhone models have been available for at least a year before newer versions come out.

Moscone West, the venue Apple uses for its developer conference, shows June 11 through June 15 blocked out for an unnamed corporate meeting, which does fit with the timing of the Daiwa claims. Apple, however, hasn’t said yet when the conference will happen, nor has it confirmed when new iPhone models will ship.

[Thanks to DigiTimes for the heads up.]