Analyst: It’s All About the Macs

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Apple introduced great new iPod features at its special media event on Wednesday, but AmTech analyst Brian Marshall thinks investors are more interested in the Mac and iPhone. If the company can double its marketshare, it could hit US$100 billion revenue, drawing even more interest from investors.

"We believe Apple can approach $100 billion in annual revenue within the next five years if the company doubles its market share in handset/PC markets," Mr. Marshall said. Apple's current marketshare is sitting around the five percent mark.

Another positive for investors was seeing Apple CEO Steve Jobs take the stage at the event. Mr. Marshall commented that Mr. Jobs "appeared energetic --albeit thin -- and happy to be back in the mix of things."

On the down side, there was disappointment that the rumored camera support materialized only in the iPod nano and not the iPod touch. The new iPod nano includes a built-in video camera and microphone, speaker, pedometer, and FM radio. In comparison, the new iPod shuffle gained a performance boost, lower price and a 64GB model.

Looking forward, Mr. Marshall doesn't expect Apple to release a new tablet-type device until March 2010. Many had hoped Apple would introduce its own take on tablet computing this month, but the company didn't have any news on that front.

Mr. Marshall is rating Apple as "Buy," with a $210 target price. Apple is currently trading at $171.75, up 0.61 (0.36%).



In the fourth paragraph, second sentence, I’m sure you mean iPod Touch, not “shuffle”!  (Stayed up too late yesterday after the big event?)


Whoops!  Try THIRD sentence!  (Guess I got too excited about yesterday’s event, too!)


Hey Jeff or John, you guys are listed as editors so you really should fix that glaring mistake. Anyway…

I’ve been planning to buy an iMac (or mythical mini-tower) for a while now, but continue to be disappointed by the limitations of the iMac. Two months ago my G5 died and I had to get a new computer so I opted for a mini, planning to pass it onto my kids once Apple releases a compelling iMac or equivalent.

I’ve also been in the market for an iPod touch and was waiting for it to hit 64GB so it would hold almost all my music. However, the 3rd gen touch is really just a 2nd gen touch with more flash and speed so I saved myself a lot of money and bought a refurbished 2nd gen touch.

I don’t think I’m that hard to please nor do I think I’m getting jaded because the upgraded iPod nano got me excited, but Apple just isn’t doing what it takes to make me spend more than the bare minimum. Even if I win the lottery on Saturday I won’t buy a new Mac because there’s nothing appealing in the lineup. In fact, with so much leisure time handed to me I would immediately buy a quad core PC and set about installing OS X on it.


As I reminded my friend the other day who was considering a Hackintosh, both the Porche and the Pinto can run on the same gas, but why would you?

Same with running OS X on a Mac versus a hacked PC.

Hold out for the Porche.

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