Analyst: Q3 iPad Sales to Hit 9M

| Apple Stock Watch

Needham analyst Charlie Wolf thinks Apple’s third calendar quarter iPad sales will hit 9 million units, up from his earlier estimate of 7.5 million. He cites “unprecedented world demand” for Apple’s multimedia tablet for the higher sales estimate, along with a complete failure in the company’s competitors to eat into the iPad’s dominance.

iPad 2 sales on the riseApple may sell 9 million iPads in Q3

Apple’s competitors have “fallen woefully short in matching its features, ease-of-use and the number of applications written for the device,” Mr. Wolf said according to Forbes. “Indeed, the only risk in our forecast is on the supply, not the demand side.”

Mr. Wolf also raised his estimate for Mac shipments from 3.75 million units up to 4.25 million for the quarter.

His projections for Apple’s fiscal year are up, too. Mr. Wolf raised his profit estimate from US$23.90 up to $25, and $30 for fiscal 2012, up from $28.05.

Mr. Wolf is maintaining his “Buy” rating and $450 target price for Apple’s stock. Apple is currently trading at $335.51, up 3.47 (1.05%).

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You know of course that this is a completely biased study. It ignores the millions, no, BILLIONS of android tablets out there. Why you can’t turn over a rock without running across a tablet running Android. My reliable source (my second cousins barber who’s wife is from Thailand) told me that China was going to mandate that every one of its citizens have an Android tablet. The announcement is set for ‘soon’. Why when that happens all of you Apple users will learn a thing or two, by cracky…

(Figured I get in and say it first rolleyes )

Lee Dronick

China was going to mandate that every one of its citizens have an Android tablet.

Yes, but in China that is a brand of flu vaccination tablet.



Yep, any day now the Openness of Android will cause worldwide demand for the closed-walled-garden-proprietary-doomed iPad to completely tank. Or at least I could swear remembering someone here stating that….

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