Analyst: Verizon iPhone, Cloud-based iTunes on the Way

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Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster is offering up his predictions for Apple in 2011, and some of what he has to say sounds familiar. Apple’s iPhone coming to Verizon is almost certain, based on Mr. Munster’s predictions, as is the introduction of cloud-based features for iTunes.

The likelihood Apple will launch a version of the iPhone that’s compatible with Verizon’s cell service network in its March quarter is 95 percent, and seeing iTunes cloud-based services some time this year clocks in at 90 percent, according to Business Insider.

The likelihood that wireless service providers will start subsidizing 3G iPad sales this year comes in at 80 percent. Since carriers outside the U.S. have already started offering subsidized iPad deals, Mr. Munster presumably means the deals will start appearing in the States as well.

Mr. Munster included a few sure things on his list, such as the January 6 launch of the Mac App Store, this summer’s Mac OS X 10.7 launch, and the expansion of iPad sales into new parts of the world.

The fifth generation iPhone will ship this summer, according to Mr. Munster, which is in line with Apple’s usual release cycle. He expects the new iPhone model will include near field communication support.

Mr. Munster is saying the second generation iPad will be released in the spring, just as the original model was. Sticking with Apple’s normal release cycle, he is also predicting new iPods will be released in the fall.

New laptops and iMacs are on the way, too. “We have moderate confidence that Apple will release redesigned MacBook Pros in [the first half of 2011] and redesigned iMacs in [the second half of 2011],” he said.

Looking towards 2012, Mr. Munster thinks Apple’s product announcements will be more exciting, and could include new Web services along with an Apple-branded television.

Apple is currently trading at US$324.85, up 2.29 (0.71%).