Analysts Push their AAPL Target Above $100

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Analysts from RBC, Deutsche Bank, and Monness Crespi & Hardt raised their target prices for Apple's stock this week to US$100 or higher. The changes follow Apple's 7-to-1 stock split on Monday and show analysts are positive overall about the company's growth potential.

Analysts raise their AAPL target prices post stock splitAnalysts raise their AAPL target prices post stock split

RBC raised its target price from $96 up to $100 with an "Outperform" rating. Monness is in line with RBC, raising its target price from $93 to $100.

Deutsche Bank, however, thinks Apple will top the $100 mark and moved from $92,86 up to $105 with a "Buy" rating.

Wells Fargo analyst Maynard Um set his target range earlier this week between $86 and $93, coming in below the likes of RBC, Deutchse Bank, and Monness. Citigroup is even less optimistic with an $82 target price and "Neutral" rating, up from $81.43.

Apple had been trading well over $600 last Friday ahead of its stock split, and at its new adjusted price is still strong. The company's stock closed on Thursday at $92.29 and opened Friday morning at $92.18 with a $554.73 billion market cap.

Apple is currently trading at $92.01, down 0.28 (0.30%).

[Thanks to the Mideast Times for the heads up]

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The 7-to-1 stock split along with the prospect of the iPhone 6 coming this fall and the rumored iWatch has investors and analysts optimistic about Apple's prospects.

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