Angela Ahrendts Visits Tokyo Retail Store Grand Opening

Apple's new Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores, Angela Ahrendts, attended the opening of the latest Apple retail location in Tokyo, the third store in the city. Philip Elmer-DeWitt has more about her visit over at Fortune, including her first tweet coming from the new Omotesando store.

Ms. Ahrendts has been at Apple officially since the beginning of May, previously she was the CEO of Burberry. Her move to Cupertino was announced in October 2013.

This is likely the first of many onsite visits for Angela Ahrendts, Fortune also mentioned her first memo to employees declaring that "every couple of weeks, we will be visiting stores across the world."

Another notable piece of this store's opening is the advance video (below) Apple posted on its YouTube channel, which the compane has never done before. As usual, the staircase is remarkable, this one being a spiral of stainless steel instead of the glass staircases we've seen previously.