Angela Ahrendts Writes About a New Job, Though Not Her New Job

Apple's New Head of Retail, Angela Ahrendts

Angela Ahrendts has written about starting a new job, but she hasn't really said much about starting her new job, Senior Vice President of Apple Retail. In her post on LinkedIn she discusses transition from one company to the next, and some things that can be helpful to keep in mind as you make that kind of transition. 

This is nice, but she isn't saying anything specific about her transition to Apple. I don't expect her to post something accidental about new iPhones, but I want to know more about her new job that wouldn't be secret industry stuff.

As someone who was the boss at the last place, what's it like to have lunch with your boss on your first day? Do you talk with Dr. Dre about the new season of True Blood at the water cooler? Do they ever let Jony Ive out of that white room?

It's a nice enough piece reminding people to ask questions, avoid taking on responsibilty outside of your job, and whatnot. It's also certainly a step in the right direction having some of Apple's higher-ups chat about anything at all. I just wish it were a bit more directly related to working at Apple, and not just being an executive in Silicon Valley.