Animated Infographic Details iPhone Costs

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MBAonline took a look at the costs involved in producing, using, and disposing of an iPhone and put its findings together in an animated infographic.

MBAoline's iPhone cost inforgraphicMBAonline’s iPhone cost inforgraphic

The infographic dives into the cost of materials in the iPhone, factory costs, the amount of money spent on apps, recycling, and more. It also includes the group’s thoughts on environmental issues related to iPhone production and disposal, along with humanitarian concerns.

Infographic by (scroll over the graphic to see all)

Whether or not you agree with MBAonline’s commentary, the chart includes some interesting iPhone-related data, and offers a fresh take on the infographic style without requiring Flash to view.

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While they do show some interesting data, there is a severe bias in emphasizing “iPhone” when the same complaints are true of every other cell phone, laptop, desktop, game box, and any other device with Chinese made electronics.

It is a nice example of what can be done without Flash though.


Sure, Apple is responsible for the Rwandan army and all other problems in that part of the world, Chinese government policy or lack of it to protect its own citizens, the banking crisis, air and water pollution, the ongoing deforestation in all corners of the globe and all other aliments man as a species has done to earth.
We as a species overuse resources, and must take collective responsibility for it. Just producing info graphics which is extremely biased and takes a minuscule portion of the tech industry (nevertheless the numbers) is in poor taste.. using apple as a punch bag is good way of getting clicks I guess. Where is the data with the dells sonys hps and rest of it? What about the automobile and oil industries? Shipping and ship breaking? Arms industry?

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