Announcing TMO Weekly Sponsorships

Today we're announcing something new here on TMO: week-long site sponsorships. These will be exclusive placements each week and are geared towards those companies and developers who desire a closer integration with TMO while still maintaining clear distinction as a sponsor.

We've always had banner spots available for companies and individuals to promote themselves or their products, and we'll still have those. They work very well for the right companies and my guess is that they always will. But there are other companies that have found better success with different opportunities, specifically our podcasts, and with site sponsorships we're bringing this model from podcasts to the Web here at TMO.

The week-long sponsorships are exclusive, and are an excellent way to get your app, service or company into the minds of not only our readers but our editors here as well. Just like we've done with our podcasts, your "ad" in this case includes an article crafted by a TMO editor, and that helps build mindshare all around.

For each sponsorship week, we will do the following:

  • We will publish a thank-you post telling our readers that you are the sponsor for the week. This post will also inform our readers about your company or product(s).
  • For the entire length of the week, your company or product will be linked in the site's sidebar 100% of the time. This is a static, fixed placement for the week and is exclusive to you.
  • Two tweets will be sent, as well. One linking to the thank-you article mentioned above, and another thanking the sponsor directly later in the week.

As with all of our advertising and sponsorships here, we're working with our sister company, BackBeat Media, to handle and coordinate everything. To schedule a sponsorship please begin by {encode="" title="emailing us"}. John or Jeff from BackBeat Media will reply and get you started.

We've already got quite a few of these sold and I'm excited to be starting our first one on Monday, the 17th.