app4mac Intros Jump, Projector Productivity Apps

app4mac announced the immediate availability of Jump and Projector for the Mac on Tuesday. Jump is an application that lets users quickly access applications and documents, and Projector is a project management app.

Jump 1.0 is the commercial replacement for the discontinued freeware application RapidoStart and works as a supplement or a replacement for Apple's Dock. It adds a slide-out palette to the side of the Desktop where users can drag-and-drop to add applications, documents and folders for quick access. It supports multiple pages of icons, lets users search for items on Jump pages, and more.

Projector 1.0 lets users create, track and manage projects. It can calculate costs, organize and monitor tasks, show detailed time schedules, and more.

Jump is priced at €9 (about US$11.92), and Projector 1.0 costs €49 (about $64.94). Both are available for download at the app4mac Web site.