App Store Adds More iPhone Games

The latest iPhone games to arrive at the App Store include:

Majesco Entertainment's anagram game Bananagrams (US$4.99), in which players create as many words as quickly as possible from a batch of tiles. Players compete simultaneously to create interconnected words; the winner is the first one to deplete all of their tiles. Two single-player game modes are also included.

In Quick Hitz Lab's Dolphin Experience ($1.99), players choose one of three marine environments and interact with dolphins in the morning, afternoon, evening, or at midnight. Players can toss balls to the dolphins, position hoops for them to jump through, and more.

Big Blue Bubble's Elven Chronicles ($3.99) is a role-playing game in which players take on the roles of a young knight searching for secrets from his past and an elf on a quest for redemption. The game includes 20 hours of story, randomly-generated dungeons, and more.

Origin8's BioSub ($0.99) is a tilt physics puzzle game in which players must steer their BioSub into position to neutralize unstable chemical canisters adrift in the ocean. They accomplish that by bumping like-colored canisters against each other; knocking two different-colored canisters produces a third color. Each of the 70 levels is timed: the canisters explode if players take too long. also has a new puzzle game, Eyegore's Eye Blast ($0.99) at the App Store. Players shoot colored eyeballs at a hanging clump of eyes to create groups of same-colored eyes. The game uses the iPhone's accelerometer to maneuver the swinging clump of eyeballs for the best shot.