Apple 128GB iPad Hits the Apple Store

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7.9-inch Retina iPad now available in 128GB capacityApple's brand new 128GB 9.7-inch iPad showed up on the company's online store Tuesday morning, giving users a higher storage capacity option than was previously available. Apple announced the new model at the end of January with a promised February 5 availability date.

The 128GB model sports the same features as the lower capacity fourth generation iPad such as Retina Display, FaceTime HD camera, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, built-in speaker and microphone, a Lightning connector, an A6X processor, and iOS 6.1

The Wi-Fi only model is priced at US$799 and the Wi-Fi plus cellular data model costs $929. Apple's online store is showing a 1-3 day ship time.

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To me this portends three events this year:

By December the iPhone, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch will also have a 128Gb option. RAM prices are dropping and densities are climbing.

Across the board the 16Gb option will be dropped. The only exception to this might be if Apple does keep an older model iPhone, like a 4S with 16Gb and a plastic case as a “cheap” iPhone option. This is very questionable though.

The iPod Classic will disappear. 128Gb is enough space for many of not most of the “power users” that need every song they own with them at all times.

Lee Dronick

“The iPod Classic will disappear. 128Gb is enough space for many of not most of the “power users” that need every song they own with them at all times.”

A few will whine about the limitation, but they would probably be dragging vinyl around if they could.

Jack John

@Lee Dronick

Why does wanting more space rather than less make you a technophobe or a dinosaur that wishes they could drag around vinyl? I’d say it makes you the opposite, especially as vinyl users had to edit the music they carried around for gigs etc far more than in the digital age due to their physical size.

I can’t believe Apple haven’t updated the ipod classic for more than 4 years. I know loads of people who’d like to be using a more modern ipod version, such as the touch, but won’t upgrade due to the reduction in space they’ll have to accept. I’ll certainly buy a 128gb touch the moment it arrives so I can move on from my now ancient Classic.

I also like having my entire music collection with me as I find it a pain having to continuously edit it in advance of going out, wondering what I’d like to be listening to at a time in the future where my mood will be different. You also have to keep removing music from a smaller model as you buy more to avoid running out of space.

Finally, ipod users also don’t always use them on the move, so it isn’t necessarily always about having their whole music collection with them when out and about. For example, many people use their ipod on docks in the house, and in that case of course you want to play anything in your collection at any time rather than be restricted by the new & ‘improved’ technology from past eras.

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