Apple Adds 256GB & 512GB SSD Storage Options to iMac

Apple has added smaller SSD storage options to its iMac line. The Apple Store now lists 256GB (US$300) and 512GB ($600) to both 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac models. Previously, the company had only offered a 768GB SSD option, and only on the larger model.

SSD Storage Options

New Storage Options for 21.5-inch iMac

SSD Storage Options

More SSD Options for 27-inch iMacs

When Apple introduced its new iMac line in September of 2012, the only SSD option was a 768GB drive for a whopping $1,300, even though other SSD options had been available in prior models. Our own John Martellaro had a conniption fit about that, and Apple lowered the price of the 768GB SSD option to $900 in March of this year. We naturally assume cause and effect.

The smaller options bring the power and speed of SSD into the range of more customers, and are a welcome addition. You can find them now in the configuration stage of selecting a new iMac.

[Via MacRumors]