Apple Adds 5 Vice Presidents to Leadership Page

Apple significantly expanded the ranks of executives featured on its leadership page Friday. That page previously featured Apple CEO Tim Cook and the company's nine senior vice presidents, but now features an additional five vice presidents, all of whom report to CEO Tim Cook.

Five New Executive Leaders

5 Additions to Apple's Leadership Page

Their names and titles, with links to their detailed profiles:

Paul Deneve
Vice President
Special Projects

Lisa Jackson
Vice President
Environmental Initiatives

Joel Podolny
Vice President
Dean, Apple University

Johny Srouji
Vice President
Hardware Technologies

Denise Young Smith
Vice President
Worldwide Human Resources

In addition to representing a 50 percent increase in the total number of executives Apple is featuring, the move also increased the number of women featured on the page by 200 percent. With both women also being African-American, it gives Apple's public leadership circle its first non-white members.

As Apple grows, the role of its executive leadership circle become ever-more important. Long gone are the days when any one or two individuals can micromanage every facet of Apple's business. Bringing more execs into the limelight reflects the way these roles have grown.

To that end, 9to5Mac noted that all five of the vice presidential positions are relatively new to Apple. In addition, two of the execs were hired by CEO Tim Cook and all of them were promoted to these positions by Mr. Cook.

Lisa Jackson was hired after she left the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Paul Deneve was hired from Yves St Laurent. Joel Podolny was chosen by Steve Jobs to create Apple University, but Tim Cook elevated that position to the vice presidential level. When that change took place, Denise Young Smith was promoted to Vice President of Worldwide Human Resources after a ten year career with Apple.

Johny Srouji joined Apple under Steve Jobs (in 2008), but Mr. Cook promote him to Vice President of Hardware Technologies after Bob Mansfield stepped down from the senior vice presidential level of that same position.