Apple Adds Features, Fixes Bugs in iMovie with 10.0.3 Update

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iMovie 10Apple released iMovie 10.0.3 Thursday, an update that includes several feature improvements, as well as a few bug fixes. The company improved event sorting, added fonts options for titles, made it easier to edit a transition, added cropping and rotating tools, and more.

Apple's patch notes:

What's New in Version 10.0.3

  • Option to sort events in the sidebar by date
  • Change the font, size, and color of new titles introduced in iMovie version 10
  • Double-click a transition in the timeline to adjust its duration
  • Crop and rotate clips in events
  • Add speed effects using the Adjustments Bar
  • Option to smoothly transition in and out of speed effects
  • Fixes issues that could cause iMovie to quit unexpectedly
  • Resolves issues that could cause sharing to fail
  • Improves reliability of search when using partial or multiple search terms
  • General usability improvements on computers using certain languages

Apple dramatically curtailed features in iMovie 10 in late 2013 when it unveiled a new look and feel for the software, but the company has been adding many of those features back at a fairly brisk clip.

The update is free to owners of iMovie 10, and it's available in the Mac App Store now.

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