Apple Adds New Flash Storage Options to the iMac

Apple quietly added a new built-to-order option for the iMac that lets users choose either a 256 GB or 512 GB solid state flash drive instead of a traditional hard drive. Previously, iMac buyers could choose from hard drive or Fusion Drive solid state/hard drive hybrid options.

Apple's iMacs get new build-to-order SSD optionsApple's iMacs get new build-to-order SSD options

For 27-inch iMac shoppers, the new options simply add more capacities to choose from since they could opt for a 768 GB SSD instead of a hard drive or Fusion Drive. For 21-inch iMac buyers, this opens up brand new choices since they previously couldn't build-to-order with an SSD.

The 256 GB SSD costs an additional US$300, and the 512 GB SSD costs $600. Both are available as upgrade options when you order a new iMac through Apple's online store.

[Thanks to our TMO readers for the heads up]