Apple Adds Red Bull TV Channel to Apple TV

Apple has added another channel to Apple TV—Red Bull TV. As noted by Variety, the channel offers "inspirational entertainment programming, all of which is commercial free aside from Red Bull branding.

Red Bull is a popular energy drink, and the channel's programming focuses on live global events and sports, music and lifestyle entertainment. You know, for kids.

Red Bull TV

Apple TV's New Red Bull TV Channel

Red Bull TV was already available on the App Store as an app for iPhone and iPad, and the company also maintains a YouTube channel. There is also an Android app on Google Play, and it can be found on Chromecast and Samsung's Smart TV.

According to Variety, 40 percent of the channel's content is non-branded content produced by third parties. Red Bull TV also plans to expand it coverage of live sporting events in 2014, including the World Snowboard Tour.