Apple and U2 Collaborate on Virtual Reality Music Video

I think this is super cool—very cool indeed. Apple and U2 have collaborated on a virtual reality music video released on an app called Vrse. While the 360 degree music video was designed to work with Google Cardboard, you can also experience it with just your iPhone.

Built around a live performance of "Song for Someone" (from Songs of Innocence), the virtual reality experience lets you see several performers playing the song. The music weaves in and out of those artists alone or with members of U2, and the Vrse app allows you to look at them while they play by turning your head (Google Cardboard) or moving your iPhone.

The first thing you'll see is an Apple Music logo, but if you have on headphones, you'll hear guitar coming from the right. Rotate your device 90 degrees to the right, and you'll find The Edge playing, as shown below:

The Edge on

The Edge on "Song for Someone"

A few seconds into the song, and Bono's dulcet tones will hit you on the left. Rotate your device that way, and The Sunglassed One himself will appear, as shown below.

Bono on

Bono on "Song for Someone"

But the song is just getting started, and several artists join U2. Each time they do, the 360 degree view changes to incorporate their contribution.

Check it out. Vrse is a free download. The song can be downloaded to your iPhone or streamed.