Apple Announces “Jaw-Dropping” App Store & iBook Statistics

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iBooks and App Store Downloads

The numbers for App Store downloads are “jaw-dropping,” Apple CEO Tim Cook told the audience Tuesday at Apple’s special event. On the verge of the iPad mini’s official unveiling, over 275,000 iPad apps are available in the company’s app store. Overall, customers have downloaded 35 billion apps across all iOS platforms.

Mr. Cook revealed that these impressive download totals have resulted in over US$6.5 billion in payments to app developers.

App downloads were not the only metric that Apple was eager to tout. iBooks and the iBookstore have also made strides. Mr. Cook reported that over 1.5 million books are now available on the company’s e-book store, and that customers have downloaded over 400 million books since the store’s launch in 2010.

This is a developing story and will be updated as new information becomes available.

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Instead of bragging how many apps are sold, it would be better to make sure they work!!!!!...the new iBook 3.0 does NOT work on the original iPad and there is NO WAY TO GO BACK TO A PREVIOUS VERSION THAT DOES WORK…..this is a total rip off and may be Apples way of making you buy a new iPad….that won’t happen with me, EVER again.

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