Apple App of the Year 2012: Day One

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Apple revealed its choices for App of the Year for 2012 on Friday, and the journaling app Day One took top honors for the Mac. The top iPad app was Paper by 53, and the top iPhone app was Action Movie FX.

Apple's App Store best of picks for 2012

The top game for the Mac was Deus Ex: Human Revolution Ultimate Edition. The top iPad game was The Room, and the top iPhone game was Rayman Jungle Run.

Runners up for the Mac included CameraBag 2 and Splice: Tree of Life; Action Movie FX and Waking Mars on the iPad; and Figure and Letterpress on the iPhone.

All of Apple's best of picks for 2012 are available at the Mac App Store and App Store for iOS, and also include movies, songs, TV shows and books. If there's a choice that should've been selected as app or game of the year instead let us know in the comments below.


Evan Montgomery

This is awesome! I was completely stoked to see that Day One got app of the year. I have used Day One for about 5 months now and LOVE it. It most definitely deserves app of the year! I also use the iPhone and iPad version and with iCloud syncing that works so seamlessly it really is a work of art.

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