Apple Awarded Technical Emmy for Mobile Video Streaming Tech

Apple Emmy Award Streaming

Apple has won a technical Emmy award for the company’s work on streaming services that bring television content to mobile devices. The 64th Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards were announced Thursday night in Las Vegas and celebrated the contributions made by Apple, as well as other firms such as HBO, Time Warner Cable, Motorola, and RED Studios, to the field of television entertainment.

The awards are determined each year by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), and are given to “an individual, company, or to a scientific or technical organization for developments and/or standardization involved in engineering technologies which either represent an extensive improvement on existing methods or are so innovative in nature that they materially have affected the transmission, recording, or reception of television.”

Apple was honored for its contributions to an “Eco-system for Real Time Presentation of TV Content to Mobile Devices without the use of Specialized Television Hardware.” The specific technology that won Apple the award wasn’t mentioned, but The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple noted it could be referring to Apple’s iCloud services, which allow users to access television content (as well as movies, music, and books) from a computer or Apple device.

Apple has won both technical and non-technical Emmys in the past, including awards for its work on Final Cut Pro, the development of camera-friendly FireWire, and the company’s famous “Think Different” advertising campaign.

[via The Loop]