Apple Beats Tiffany in RetailSails List Again

The annual RetailSails list is out, and Apple once again ranked as the top U.S. retailer based on sales per square foot. The Mac, iPhone and iPad maker won the number one spot with US$6,050 in sales per square foot, topping Tiffany & Co's $3,017 by a large margin.

Apple tops RetailSails annual sales list againApple tops RetailSails annual sales list again

Apple also landed in the top ten for highest sales per store behind companies such as Costco, Sams' Club, Neiman Marcus and Walmart.

"Between smartphones and tablets, social media and apps, consumers have seemingly unlimited choices of how and where they shop," the RetailSails report said. "However, brick-and-mortar stores are still responsible for over 90 percent of retail sales in the United States. Shoppers still value the ability to see and touch the merchandise, and more than anything they prize the in-store shopping experience."

RetailSails gathered the information for its annual report from SEC filings, company conference calls, press releases and presentations. The study also used its own industry sources, and didn't include online and catalog sales to show just brick-and-mortar sales.

The Cupertino company also may have an advantage over other companies on the list since its retail stores are smaller in comparison, and are filled with higher price items like iMacs and iPads. Despite that potential advantage, Apple's big numbers show consumers are interested in the company's products, and the RetailSails report helps back up Apple's position as a serious retailer.