Apple Begins Inviting Select Customers to iWork for iCloud Beta

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Apple has begun inviting select customers to try the company's new iWork for iCloud, the browser-based versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote announced at June's World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). iWork for iCloud is in beta, and heretofore available on to registered developer accounts.

The invite seen by The Mac Observer was sent out to an iCloud account holder without developer access. In the past, Apple has either released beta-stage services to everyone, as it did with Siri and Apple Maps, or kept it limited to the large numbers of developer accounts.

Targeted invites—and we don't know how users were selected—represent a new approach from Apple as the company expands the range of products and services it offers.

From that letter:

We’d like to invite you to be one of the first to try it, so we’re giving you early access to the iWork for iCloud beta. All you have to do is sign in to iCloud on a Mac or a PC using the current version of Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. Then just click on Pages, Numbers, or Keynote and you’re off.

We’re really proud of these apps and we’d appreciate your help in making them as great as they can possibly be. So we’d love to hear your feedback as you use them.

Users with access to the beta see the icons for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on the iCloud home page (when logged in).

iWork for iCloud

Pages, Numbers, and Keynote - in Beta



Bryan, where are all the good stories you normally write on recent news?  Like, Apple takes 51% of Verizon’s smartphone activations?  Google misses Q2 earnings?  Microsoft loses $900M on Surface RT?  Apple predicted to beat market consensus with iPhone shipments in June quarter?


I got an invitation this afternoon. I am not part of Apple’s developer program.

Lee Dronick

I can see the value of this when using a guest computer. Otherwise I have the apps installed on my Macs and iOS devices.

Lee Dronick

I too just got an invitation. I did a quick try of Pages and it looks nice, synched across my devices.


I’m signed up as a Developer, and got the invite back on the 4th of July.


Just a warning for those using the beta. I tried opening up an important Keynote file on iCloud cloud, and ever since, I lost the images that were imbedded. So, rule one—don’t use the beta on essential work files. Just use it to play with copies of files, and on non-essential files. I’m still kicking myself for my stupidity on that one. grin

I guess I should add that while it all looks nice, and works nicely, I don’t think the web apps are particularly useful—at least not Keynote. The web version has no builds for text. Bummer. (And no Magic Move, which was probably where my mistake lay).

Bryan Chaffin

Great advice, JonGI!

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