Apple Begins Shipments of the New iPod nano and iPod touch

iPods Shipping

Keeping its promise of an October ship date, Apple has begun to ship seventh generation iPod nano and fifth generation iPod touch orders to customers, according to multiple sources. In addition, some Apple Retail Stores are also starting to stock the devices.

Both products have been redesigned for this generation. The iPod touch receives the same 4-inch Retina display as its iPhone cousin, although initial reports indicate that it includes an A5 processor, a step down from the iPhone 5’s A6.

The iPod nano sees yet another radical redesign and now includes a multitouch screen and Bluetooth support for wireless audio streaming and control.

iPod Touch

Both products abandon the 30-Pin Dock Connector and embrace Apple’s new Lightning interface.

Apple preceded today’s shipments of the iPods by releasing a free user guide for the fifth generation iPod touch in its iBookstore early Tuesday.

iPod Touch User Guide

Today’s shipments of iPods, yesterday’s shipment of Lightning adapters, and the apparent end of a labor dispute in a Foxconn factory that primarily produces Apple products are good signs for Apple’s logistical operations. However, the expected volume of today’s shipments remains unclear and, despite their availability in some stores, both the iPod touch and iPod nano retain a nebulous “October” ship date in the Apple online store.

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