Apple Buys Audio Plug-in Maker Camel Audio

When Camel Audio shut down in January, customers that used its audio app plug-ins and digital instruments were left wondering why they so abruptly stopped selling their products, but now that mystery has been solved: they were bought by Apple. Since Apple shut down Camel Audio's operations instead of continuing to sell its products, it's likely we'll see the company's technology showing up in future updates for Logic Pro X and Garageband.

Apple buys, shuts down Camel AudioApple buys, shuts down Camel Audio

An official announcement hasn't come from either company. The confirmation for the buyout came via documents found on the corporate registry site Companies House, according to MacRumors. Camel Audio's address is now the same as Apple's in London, and its only director is listed and Heather Joy Morrison, who happens to be a lawyer on Apple's payroll.

Camel Audio was known for its Alchemy tools which included a wide range of sound samples, digital audio effects, synthesizers, and more.

Apple isn't talking about the buyout, so there isn't any word on how much the deal cost, or how Camel Audio's technology will show up in Apple's own products. Regardless, the mystery of why the company shut down without any warning has finally been resolved.