Apple Buys iPhone 5c Ad Space on Yahoo! Home Page

Apple has taken out ad space on Yahoo!'s home page to promote the company's iPhone 5c. The ads are colorful animations that play off the circle imagery that stems from the cases Apple designed for the devices.

Yahoo! Home Page

Find Your Colors

Each ad features a different way of presenting the circles—a green screen shows uses sheep sounds and herding imagery, the black screen has white dots that flash like a camera, a white screen has yellow circles popping like popcorn, etc. The circles then resolve into an image of the featured iPhone 5c color.

Find Your Color

Examples of the Find Your Colors Ads

Apple first unveiled this type of imagery on a dedicated Tumblr page called iSee5c, a site owned by Yahoo! The new ad space, which was first noted by 9to5Mac, marks yet another example of Apple working with Yahoo!, a company that in some ways competes with Google.

It's also important to remember that the sales cycle for iPhone models has historically seen the the mid-tier model increase their share of iPhone sales in the second half of their 12-month lifespan. That was why the iPhone 5c was introduced. It has lower build costs than the model it replaced—the iPhone 5—which will serve to improve Apple's margins as sales of the device ramp up.

That second half of the year-long sales cycle begins more or less in April, so it's not surprising to see Apple ramp up its promotion of this device.