Apple Buys Up Web App Developer Particle

Apple buys HTML5 firm ParticleApple apparently purchased the Web app development company Particle in September, although so far neither company has confirmed the deal. Particle is known for its HTML5 skills and includes companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, Sony and Yahoo among its clients.

Word of the deal came through CNET talking with unnamed sources, and several of the company's employees stayed onboard with Apple after the deal closed.

Particle's team hasn't been a stranger to HTML5 and WebKit technologies, and has already worked closely with Apple on iAds, iTunes Extras, and other projects. The company's About page states:
Particle has chosen to focus on this technology so intensely because we believe it will soon be the rendering engine that powers a new universe of light weight and embedded applications from set top boxes to game consoles to Chrome OS and Android devices to portable telephony and media devices of all kinds.

With the Particle team on as full time staff, Apple now has that talent working in-house on its own HTML5-based projects and has blocked competitors from taking advantage of that talent pool.

"Particle brings positive and energetic relationships with Google and the Chrome team specifically, as well as great Apple relationships and execution experience around iAds, iTunes Extras, and," Particle's website states. "We have participated in and piloted much of the technology which will display the next generation of advertising and deliver media content for the next decade."

Assuming that's key to the interest in Particle, it looks like Apple is focusing even more on its media and in-app ad delivery services.

While neither company is talking about the deal, a confirmation of sorts is out there thanks to Particle's staff. Developer Lynn Collette said she didn't realize the news was out when offered a congratulations on Twitter, and Particle employees such as vice president of engineering Jason Proctor and cofounder Ericson deJesus have Apple listed as their new employer on LinkedIn.

There isn't any word on how much Apple spent on the deal.