Apple Campus 2 Update: On Track for 2016 Move In, New Pics

Demolition and construction is well underway for Apple's new "space ship" campus, and new information from the city of Cupertino says the project should be finished by the end of 2016. The city also released new photos showing the construction so fay along with how the campus fits in with the surrounding area.

Apple plans to have enough of the construction finished to move into the new facility before the end of 2016, which likely includes the main structure and enough parking areas to accomodate initial needs.

Apple's Space Ship campus taking shape in CupertinoApple's Space Ship campus taking shape in Cupertino

Construction work involving streets and utilities should wrap up at the end of 2014, and demolition will be completed shortly after that in early 2015. The remaining earthwork is scheduled to finish mid 2015, and building construction runs through the end of 2016.

Apple's new campus was proposed to Cupertino officials in June 2011 and when finished will be a striking addition to the company's facilities. The main building will be ring-shaped, earning it the space ship name, and the roof will be covered with solar panels so it can generate its own power.

The buildings and grounds have been designed to have a more organic feel and most parking will be underground so employees and visitors will be able to look at trees and landscaping instead of a sea of cars.

The City website is also updated weekly with new road closure and traffic re-routing information.

Ron Cervi from KCBS has snapped photos of construction progress from the air, too, but the latest pic from the Cupertino website shows the full scale of Apple's project.