Apple CEO: We’ll Build Macs in the U.S.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook said one of the Mac product lines will be manufactured only in the United States starting in 2013. He isn't saying which models will be made in the States, but at least some iMacs are already sporting the "Assembled in the U.S." label.

Apple to start building Macs in the U.S.Apple to start building Macs in the U.S.

Mr. Cook shared Apple's plans with Brian Williams in an interview that will air on NBC's Rock Center Thursday evening, and said the decision to bring some Mac assembly to the U.S. has been a long time coming. "We've been working for years on doing more and more in the United States," he said.

Mr. Cook doesn't see Apple's decision as bringing jobs back to the U.S., but instead as creating new work since China has been the preferred locale for electronics assembly for some time. One of the big problems Mr. Cook sees is that schools in the U.S. aren't teaching enough people modern manufacturing skills, so companies have to look to other countries.

"The consumer electronics world was really never here. It's a matter of starting it here," Mr. Cook said.

Apple has already created over 600,000 new jobs, according to Mr. Cook's estimates. Some of those jobs earn people Apple pay checks, but others come from other areas such as third-party developers.

Mr. Cook hopes Apple's move will give other companies incentive to start manufacturing their products in the U.S. as well. For now, however, Apple will be limiting its in-country production to just a single Mac line because the infrastructure isn't available to support more.

"It’s not so much about price, it’s about the skills," he said.

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Lee Dronick

Putting on my intel hat, intel not Intel, I think that reducing reliance on manufacturing in China to be a good idea. Sooner or later there could be a big trouble in big China and goods may not flow out.

No Body

Apple, after all these years are going to so call “build” Mac computers in the US. Change the word “build” to “assemble” in the US. The parts are all still made in China. Apple builds Mac and all the other Apple products in China for pennies, and charges the huge mark ups on them in the states.


I want American made products, made by American workers in the US. And I don’t give a dam! I’ll pay more for that product to, as alongs its made in the USA, by Amewrican workers, with Amercian CREATED PARTS!


Apple stopped building computers in the USA three years ago and has now agreed to resume building them. They hadn’t actually stopped assembling them in this country. Now they will also be building them.

Gauntlet thrown down to other US companies. Start bringing jobs back to the US. Could we see a trend for 2013? Let’s hope so.


Tim Cook’s attempt at revisionist history is already being unwound by the mainstream media:

other side

“Sooner or later there could be a big trouble in big China and goods may not flow out.”

Like the just-ended Los Angeles dock strike?

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