Apple Expands ‘Your Verse’ Campaign With Two New Ads

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Apple has expanded the “Your Verse” series of ads with two new ads, one featuring composer and conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen and one featuring deaf travel writer Cherie King.

From Apple's Your Verse site.

Mr. Salonen, whom Apple refers to by just his first name, Esa-Pekka, is shown getting inspiration for a piece of music and using an iPad to capture the idea. Then with the iPad Air, he expands on it during his travels and finally brings it to life with a full orchestra.

Cherie King also features in a new ad, and she too has an interesting story. She’s deaf and uses her iPad to help navigate foreign countries, both the logistics of getting there and then the sightseeing and communicating while she’s at her destination. Additionally she writes about her adventures to show other deaf people it can be done, and inspire them to travel abroad as well.

Both mini sites linked above include more information about each person as well as specific apps used. Ms. King’s include apps for travel information, languages, and system apps like FaceTime and Notes. She also has social apps like WordPress for her blog, and Facebook and Twitter for sharing her adventures in real time. In Mr. Salonen’s case it includes an app he helped create, US $9.99 The Orchestra, and a free download of his own Violin Concerto.

Apple has additional stories on the Your Verse site, these just happen to be the two that have landed on television.

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What I love about both of these ads is that they show people using iPads in cool ways, much like seeing what can be done with an iPhone in the Powerful TV spot. I mean I know you can use an iPad to capture an idea, but seeing it in practice by a composer is great! And I know you can use your iPad to help you travel (I do it with my iPhone all the time), but seeing it as a tool to unlock travel for a deaf person is fantastic. I have a soft spot for the “I never thought of using an iPhone/iPad for that!” stories, so I really hope Apple keeps it up.

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