Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over iOS 7 WiFi Issues

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Apple is facing a class action lawsuit alleging the company misled consumers with the release of iOS 7, and effectively made older iPhone models obsolete thanks to WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity issues. The suit claimed WiFi is disabled on many older iPhone after iOS 7 is installed, leaving several features unusable, and blocking the ability to install new OS updates.

Owners of older iPhone models sue Apple over iOS 7 feature issuesOwners of older iPhone models sue Apple over iOS 7 feature issues

The lawsuit focuses on an issue where the iPhone's WiFi settings are greyed out and disabled so users can't join wireless networks. Without WiFi, the plaintiffs say, they can't perform iCloud backups or install software updates, and they're forced to use their cell data plans when they should be able to connect to broadband networks instead, according to Patently Apple.

The class action filing stated,

Once Plaintiff and Class members downloaded iOS 7 onto their iPhones, they were unable to connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Because of the Grayed out Issue, Plaintiff and Class members could no longer access often free Wi-Fi and thus used data unnecessarily and/or incurred data charges for all data used on their iPhone 4s. In addition, Plaintiff and Class members could no longer backup their device using iCloud, wirelessly download iOS patches or the newest versions of iOS.

The filing went on to say Apple misrepresented iOS 7's capabilities and misled customers into installing an update that left them with devices that no longer performed as advertised.

The plaintiffs filed their case in California and are seeking US$5 million in damages. Apple has not commented on the case.

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How many people in the lawsuit went to the Genius Bar at their local Apple Store for help? How many tried connecting their iPhone to their computer and using iTunes to install updates? That isn't to say the case doesn't have any merit, but it sure seems like people are a little trigger happy when it comes to filing lawsuits.

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I don’t understand this issue.  We had an iPhone 4 (not s) up until the 5s was release and updated it to iOS 7 without any wifi issues.  It was my wife’s but I did all the updating and it was never linked to a computer.  Everything but phone calls were done over wifi.



I don’t get this either. I had a 4s when iOS 7 came out, and upgraded without any issues. I never had WiFi problems and used the 4s all through the rest of 2013 before upgrading to the 5s in January.


Updated two 4’s, one 4S and one 5 without experiencing any wifi issues.



I also don’t recall hearing about this issue. If it was truly widespread, I’d imagine it would have been covered on the web, including TMO.


Another instance of lawyers working up a case for what is essentially a non-event.

Even if it was a problem, users will get pennies and lawyers will get essentially all the award.

My iPhone 4, 5 and 5s all updated to iOS 7 without a hitch.

Rohit Soni

i totally disagree with you all… this is actually a widespread issue which is caused on iphone 4s. the update leaves the phone’s wifi useless and i am also facing the same problem. the update has affected 1000s of iphone 4s (most out of warranty now), if you google “iphone greyed out wifi” you all can see that the web results will be full of such issues. I never had any type of issue with my iphone 4s but after the ios 7 update , my phone’s wifi went grey. i tried to restore and all the basic troubleshooting steps provided by apple in any case. I had a chat with apple support and they were hopelessly disappointing, i tried to escalate the case and it was very frustrating for me that apple senior advisers were also not able to help me out of this, they only tried to give me robotic responses by providing me basic troubleshooting steps like restoring, reseting etc. (which were of no use). Being a reputed company, i feel Apple should take the responsibility and provide with a fix to 1000s of iphone 4s users like me which are facing the same problem. After all taking the responsibility never hurts and will help Apple to maintain its customers trust in its products.

Lance Ford

It doesn’t really matter whether any of you agree. The fact is that this update is causing the wifi disabling problem. I am one of the people with a defective phone that has gone all over the web looking for possible fixes to no avail. If you don’t run into this issue be glad for yourself. I am a big apple fan and left PC years ago in favor of a better company and product. My phone has never been dropped, tossed or banged around and still has a greyed out wifi and Bluetooth button. And yes I did ALL the obvious stuff like plug it up to the computer, reset wifi settings, go to the genius bar…..oh and by the way all they did was the same stuff…not very genius! I don’t think anyone is trying to get rich or something for nothing, just a phone that works as advertised when cared for as recommended. In the automobile industry if brakes start failing on a certain vehicle with no explanation does the manufacturer start blaming the customer for using the brakes outside of its intended purpose….....NO they recall those models effected and replace the faulty parts. Apple should follow. Hopefully it could be as simple as another software update.

Frankie Sires

I own a 4s and am thankfull my wifi works
but my phone is so slow
if I go to call 911 real fast it fucks up
and glitches out if I go to delete words it lags like xp with 512 ram
I’m so pist off why can’t terrorist gunmen kill apple CEO that took jobs job
I hate him some one needs to kill there self on face book and say its cuz of him
and if I here one more apple person tell me to liv with it I’m shoot there new born and tell them to liv with it
I am going to die of high blood presser
over this I cannot use this piece of shit fone now it’s useless like jobs being dead I don’t know who I hate more god,satan,or apple


I never upgraded my iPhone 4S to ios 7, and now I’m relieved that I didn’t. A coworker of mine mentioned that she took her 4S to a Genius Bar to get this issue fixed and the genius said they wouldn’t fix it unless she paid about $100, because it was out of warranty. OK, so let me get this straight: Apple sells a phone with Wifi, they then push an update that disables said wifi, and then they won’t re-enable it unless you pay them more money. I’m no lawyer, but that sounds a hell of a lot like extortion. There’s such a simple solution: push a new update that re-enables the wifi, end of story. This is not rocket science. The wifi bug is perfectly understandable, but Apple’s response (or lack thereof) is inexcusable.

Hollie Christina Mcmillan

My wifi WAS working last night perfectly even after the IOS7 update. Then all the sudden bam…this morning? Nothing. Both mine and my husbands iphone 4 are not working and BOTH our Ipads neither. We don’t have data plans on the ipads, but you don’t need data plans at home to use your wifi. We switched to Aio/Cricket because ATT is way too expensive and we use wifi on the iphones even though we have other phones. But it stopped working last night..for no reason. Our wifi options are NOT greyed out and it will pick up any wifi around us, but will not connect at all. I have tried every option besides completely restoring everything. Way to go Apple, I love apple produects, but this just angered me. glad I switched to my new windows 8 phone.

Tamara Alsbach

After the 7.0 update my wi-fi disabled and I didn’t even notice until I got a data warning from my cell phone carrier and a backup failure warning from Icloud.  My wi-fi option was completely greyed out and disabled.  Called Apple - they gave me some suggested fixes - so I backed up to Itunes through the computer and spent hours trying all the suggested resetting/restoring fixes and nothing worked. Some of the “fixes” enabled the wi-fi, but then it would never actually connect - it just searched and searched, and after a few minutes would disable itself again.  Shortly thereafter IOS 7.1.1 came out and after I downloaded that, my wi-fi worked for about 5 days.  It has been months now that my wi-fi doesn’t work.  After running a “diagnostic test” Apple told me it was my battery and I needed a new phone. . .My phone was just past the 12 month warranty period - Needless to say I am very disappointed. I loved my Apple products - I expected much more from them.

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