Apple Faces Lawsuit over Defective iMac Screens

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Apple is facing a potential US$5 million class action lawsuit over allegations that it sold 27-inch iMacs with faulty displays. The lawsuit, filed by Corbin Rasmussen, claimed that half his iMac display failed after 18 months and that Apple wanted US$500 for the repair. He also claimed that this is a widespread issue Apple refused to address.

Defective iMac screens pushed one buyer into a class action lawsuitDefective iMac screens pushed one buyer into a class action lawsuit

Mr. Rasmussen filed his case in U.S. District Court in the San Jose division for the Northern District of California where he could use California's consumer protection laws as the foundation for the claim. According to the filing, Mr. Rasmussen feels Apple misled consumers by selling them iMacs with displays that failed prematurely.

According to the complaint, hundreds of 27-inch iMac buyers suffered from an issue where a few months after their warranty expired about half of the display stopped working. It also claimed that when Apple updated the iMac line in 2011 it didn't make any changes to the display or video card to prevent the issue from hitting future buyers.

Mr. Rasmussen said that Apple's marketing led him to believe the iMac was "designed for a long productive life," and that 18 months of usability doesn't live up to that claim.

He filed the lawsuit on behalf of himself and other 27-inch iMac owners in the U.S. who purchased their computer before December 2012. The suit targets iMacs that used LG's LED backlit display.

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Assuming Apple really did dismiss iMac display complaints, that's not good and needs to be addressed. It's just unfortunate that it sometimes takes lawsuits to make that happen.

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Hundreds sounds like a lot, but how many of those 27” iMacs were sold? There comes a point when a certain failure rate - say 0.1% or lower - is to simply be expected. If they can prove a failure rate greater than 1%, then they might have a case.


I’ve had to do two screen replacements for both my mom and sisters Penryn and Santa Rosa MacBooks in the past year. In both cases the backlight stopped working.

Bob Forsberg

If you buy 27” iMacs and plan to keep the product over 2-3 years the AppleCare option is your only guarantee. There will be many trips to the Apple Store, but they will replace the screen.  I had a 24” iMac with 3 new screens required during the 3 year AppleCare period. Unfortunately, after the warranty period it failed again and the Apple Store refused to correct the continuing problem.

Craig Richard Lloyd

I had an iMac 24 inch which was replaced a total of six times in a 2 1/2 year period. In that time the new 27 inch was released, and my 24 inch was replaced free of charge with that. Apple was generous enough to allow me to purchase an AppleCare on my replacement 27 inch. Which was lucky, because The screen on my 27 inch was replaced three times. Which means, in total I have had nine LCD replacements in five years. If that is not defective, what is?


Wow, and I still have my original screen on my 2007 iMac with absolutely no issues. Even yanked it off last year to upgrade the hard drive with no issues. I can’t imagine screens going bad like you are saying.


I have had my 27” imac for a little over 1/2 a year.
No screen replacements although recently my computer spontaneously went black for a number of seconds and when it popped back up it was on the login screen.

NSA hacking? hehehe

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