Apple Finally Acknowledges iOS 7 Crash Issue, Promises Fix

It only took four months, but Apple has finally acknowledged an ongoing crashing issue many iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users have been suffering through ever since the release of iOS 7. The company has confirmed a fix is on the way, but hasn't said when users can expect to see it.

Apple promises fix for widespread iOS 7 crash issueApple promises fix for widespread iOS 7 crash issue

The problem is especially frustrating for anyone that experiences it because they're unceremoniously dumped to a blank screen when the crash happens, and then faced with the standard Apple logo while they wait for their device to reboot. The problem isn't limited to the iPhone; TMO has been seeing the issue on the third and fourth generation iPad, iPad Air, and iPad mini, too.

Rumors claim a fix for the crash bug is coming as part of iOS 7.1, although there isn't any official word to back that up. Since Apple isn't saying exactly when iOS 7 will be available, users are left in a holding pattern for now where their iPhones and iPads randomly crash.

[Thanks to Mashable for the heads up]