Apple Fixes Unexpected Wakeup Issue for iPad Pro Smart Keyboard

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Apple pushed out an accessory update for the iPad Pro's Smart Keyboard on Tuesday that fixes an annoying issue where your iPad would randomly wake up while the keyboard was connected.

Apple fixes iPad Pro random wake issues with Smart Keyboard updateApple fixes iPad Pro random wake issues with Smart Keyboard update

You can force the update to appear by disconnecting and reconnecting your Smart Keyboard. That should make the update dialog appear, and with a quick tap the installation process will start.

The update seems to have fixed the random wake issue The Mac Observer was experiencing, which is great because watching an iPad Pro wake up for a couple seconds then go back to sleep every few minutes was getting pretty tedious.

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I only recently noticed this bug.  I was reading a book on my iPad Pro in bed and I fell asleep with the iPad still there.  I was woken up later by the iPad Pro waking up every few minutes and lighting the room up.  It would show the lock-screen for about 30 seconds, then go back to sleep itself, only to repeat that a few minutes later.  Anyways, glad they got the fixed.

I am still loving my iPad Pro, and I have to say I really like the Smart Keyboard.  I have been trying to find excuses to do typing on the iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard as often as I can.

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