Apple Gets a Cameo in New Beats By Dre Video

A new World Cup themed longform ad from Beats by Dre has made its debut on YouTube, and it features a couple of Apple cameos. The video (shown in full below the fold) starts out with a player (Neymar da Silva, Jr) on the phone with his father, just before The Game, as noted by 9to5Mac. There's also a brief appearance by a MacBook Pro later in the video. It's a fun look at players and fans, titled "The Game Before The Game."

Neymar Jr on the phone with his dad.

It's a grand-scale video, and it looks like the culmination of the previous "Hear What You Want" ads featuring Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman and FC Barcelona player Cesc Fabregas. It does have a couple of (brief) risque moments, so be warned before you click play.

Other notable appearances include LeBron "Samsung Celebrity Spokesperson" James, Stuart Scott, and Serena Williams. If you watch the video and the music sounds familiar, it's "Jungle" by Jamie N Commons & X Ambassadors, and you may have heard it in April's two minute trailer for the new season of Orange is the New Black.

Here's the full spot: