Apple Gives Developers OS X Mavericks Server for Free

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Apple is adding even more to its free software list, although this time you'll need to be part of the company's developer program. OS X Server for Mavericks, regularly priced at US$19.99, is free for developers as part of a move to help coders create bots that auto-test and analyze their apps.

Apple gives iOS app developers Mavericks Server for freeApple gives iOS app developers Mavericks Server for free

By giving away Mavericks Server, Apple is potentially making it easier for developers to take advantage of the new automation features built into Xcode, which is the Mac-based development platform for iOS and OS X apps. Through automated bots, the theory goes, developers can catch bugs before their apps hit the App Store, and they can speed up their coding workflow.

Apple started shipping OS X Mavericks and OS X Server for Mavericks on Tuesday. The standard version of Mavericks is free while the server upgrade costs $19.99.

Registered developers can pay a visit to Apple's iOS Developer Center website to get their OS X Mavericks Server redemption code before hopping over to the Mac App Store to start the download.

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Developers have for a long time been able to use Server. Years and years, even when it was expensive (so was the dev program back then too).

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